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Opinions on Raia?

I personally think they have a really cute friendship, anon! But if you’re referring to the possible romantic relationship, Maia has made it pretty clear on multiple occasions that she doesn’t see Ross as any more than a friend, for example, “He’s younger than me, like a little brother” ( but more importantly Maia has a boyfriend - and they are really sweet and adorable together - so I totally respect that.



make me choose between two things:
anonymous made me choose between: raura or rydellington

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Happy 1 year anniversary, Raurattanooga! (April 19th 2013)

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did you really kiss laura marano on austin and ally?


"The two times they wouldn’t let us and then we sort of broke the rules, because we felt … but the third time we finally actually did but they told us not to, but we were just like … It was more awkward to be so close together but not kiss than to actually kiss. Laura is always really professional on set so I didn’t know why Disney Channel made a big deal about not letting us kiss"
- Ross Lynch about the kiss with Laura (via lovingtheshow)
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With the flip phones, do they even make those anymore?

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Hey sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question.. but did raura really go Disney Land? If yes is there a video? Btw I love your blog, keep beeing awesome ♥

Hi! That’s okay it’s not a stupid question at all haha, but if you’re referring to the gifset we reblogged recently, it’s an AU (alternate universe) by; kinda like fanfic in a way, but in gif form! So no, they didn’t actually go to Disneyland together- there are just separate videos of them there on different occasions. Ross was filming a Danimals commercial I believe, and Laura was filming a Disney 365 segment. Thanks so much btw, we really appreciate it! :D

*The entire Austin & Ally cast and their families actually did go to Disneyland once back in 2011!


HEY HEY HEY in the video of the KCA where Ross gets into the interview Laura and Vanessa, I was considering and this is the conclucion when Vanessa said “look who it” is Ross looked at her weird but when he seen Laura his face lite up then he said hi Laura hi Vanessa. THIS IS SO RAURA. (from the minute 1:44)

Yes! It’s adorable how he just crashed the interview after all that. The Lynch & Marano families are good friends and moments like that are nice to see. But his reaction was really funny and cute!


can you explain the Ross thing in full? I'm very confused

What Ross thing?


I believe you probably just saw an AU. To the best of everyone’s knowledge, they aren’t dating. Sorry!

Should. They make a auslly sex scene?

That will never happen, unless for some reason HBO or someone gets the rights to Austin & Ally and makes one! which is doubtful. Disney is a children/family oriented network so you will NEVER see a sex scene on any of their shows!

Would you want A&A to end soon, because there's maybe a chance for Ross and Laura to go out, or would you rather wait for a couple of more seasons? :)

This is so tough and I (Mary) always flip flop. I think I’d rather another season of Austin & Ally because it gives them a chance to grow and mature more into adults, while still finding out more about each other. I would hope it’d be good for them, their friendship, and possible relationship. :)


Can you do a gif where Ross talks about the kisses with Maia and Laura? They are two different interviews, I just wanted to see the difference :)

Do you have the links for the videos? I’m sure one of us would gladly do that for you! :)

oh my god... your blog will be the death of me... im dying from my raura feels...

Us too, us too.